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Welcome, Healthy Moms!

To thank you for your support and engagement in the Healthy Moms Facebook group, I'm honored to offer you access to my Reboot! Metabolism course for $149.99, which is 25% off the normal price!  Due to the nature of how my web provider handles online programs, such as the Reboot! courses, it won't allow you to simply enter a coupon code, when purchasing the course. 


Here's the steps for the workaround that I created:

  1. Make sure you're a member on my website (required to access the Reboot! course)

    • Click "login" in the upper right corner, and create an account (note, you can use a Google or Facebook login)​

  2. Once you're registered for my website, fill out the form below, using the same name/email

  3. Pay for the program, at your discounted rate

  4. Once I receive the order, my team (my husband) will manually add you to the Reboot! program

Healthy Moms Group

Reboot! Metabolism - 25% off Discount Form

Thank you so much for registering! Once I get you manually added, you should receive a message, welcoming you to the Reboot! Metabolism program.

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