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French Press Cold Brew

Updated: May 1, 2020

I am a coffee girl, have been since the first time I tried it. Actually, not the first time I tried it, I am pretty sure the first time I tried it I was about eight or nine. After lots of asking, my mom finally let me try a was gross and bitter and hot....and did I say gross? However, as a young adult with two jobs and a full-time schedule in college., I discovered Starbucks....and Frappucinos, and whipped cream on my coffee and all of the delicious flavors that came along with my "coffee" drinks. Thus began my love affair with coffee and there went way too much of my money.....

I have since moved to the Pacific Northwest, where we are serious about our coffee. It is dark and dreary most of the year here and we love the joy and happiness that a cup of coffee brings. I no longer drink my coffee with sugar in it, because a good cup of coffee doesn't need my opinion :). A good cup of coffee isn't bitter or burnt tasting, but smooth and velvety, and perfect with just a touch of heavy cream or maybe even black! I will say though, in the heat of the Summer, I don't want a cup of smooth, velvety hot coffee. No matter how good it is, I just want it iced. Now, you can pour strong coffee over ice and have pretty good iced coffee...but cold brewing your own, just takes it to another level.

I started cold brewing coffee a few years ago, I would brew a huge batch that lasted for over a week, but it was messy and a lot of work. I still do it every once in a while, but my favorite and easiest method for cold brew is in my french press coffee maker. Here is how I make it, it's simple and so good!

Cold Brew

3/4 cup ground coffee

4 cups water

Place ground coffee in the bottom of french press and pour cold water over top. Give it a quick stir and put the top on (don't push it down yet). Let sit overnight for 12-18 hours and press down. Store your cold brew in the fridge for about a week. This a concentrate you are making so dilute it 1-1 with milk or cold water.

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